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Campaign aims to ‘break silence’ over jab injuries and deaths

By Roger Guttridge

A former UN worker behind a global campaign to support the vaccine-injured has warned that the world is heading for a ‘huge humanitarian crisis’ as the jab’s short- and long-term effects take their toll.

Sweden-based Aga Wilson, founder of #CanWeTalkAboutIt, which was launched in June, will be sharing her views at 7pm UK time on Tuesday August 9 at a meeting jointly hosted by Prepare for Change, Holding the Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship and the People’s Health Alliance.

Aga, who formerly co-ordinated humanitarian efforts for the United Nations, said one of the initiative’s aims was to ‘break the silence around Covid-19 vaccine injuries and deaths’.

She told me: ‘This is a huge humanitarian crisis and we are only seeing the beginning stages of it.

‘Millions around the world have already suffered adverse reactions to the shots but we are not even seeing the long-term effects yet.

‘I have spoken to many of the vaccine-injured people. I have seen young people who have lost everything.

‘I have seen people who are homeless because they can’t pay their medical bills and they can’t work.

‘These people are being gaslighted. They are being isolated. They have no friends.

‘Their families and their friends have totally abandoned them because they think they are crazy.

‘These people are not being seen, they are not being heard. This is what the media has done.

‘If they go to the doctor, they are told they have severe anxiety or a psychological problem and to go home and take some pills.’

Aga, who began researching vaccine safety after she was injured by the DTP jab during pregnancy six years ago, fears we are heading for a ‘world of damaged people who can’t go to work’.

One of the Can We Talk About It campaign’s primary aims is to increase public awareness and ‘wake more people up’ as well as finding solutions for the injured.

One of the ways it is doing this is by collecting individual stories of vaccine damage and publishing them on social media.

‘Our social media accounts are rising every day and we already need a bigger team to run the campaign,’ she said.

‘Stories are the most important because if you look eye to eye with a person who has been damaged, it’s hard to ignore them.’

The campaign has the backing of major medical figures and organisations including the World Freedom Alliance, Children’s Health Defence, Europe, World Council for Health and the People’s Health Alliance.

• Prepare for Change’s August 9 Ascension Connection Call will begin promptly at 6pm UTC/GMT, 7pm London, 8pm Paris, 11am US Pacific, 2pm US Eastern but those who wish can show up 15 minutes early for an informal chat before starting. To make it easier to determine the time (and date) in your area, we’ve provided this time converter link for your convenience. Here is the link to the call: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83875118791?pwd=K0JXZVVjOVI5K25CODlJcUZEemVpUT09
The session will be recorded.

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