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Psst! The dead elephant in the room was vaccinated


The same words are popping up as they did when Africa’s imperviousness to Covid caused thinly veiled consternation: scientists and doctors are ‘baffled’, it’s a ‘mystery’, and so on.

Suddenly people in robust health, mainly teenagers and young men, are dying out of the blue, on the football field, in their beds, and – ominously for the airline industry and those who want to fly – in the air. Often, it’s ‘sudden’, ‘unexpected’, ‘unexplained’. The Mail Online headlined last month: ‘Healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly from a mysterious syndrome’. According to cardiologist Elizabeth Paratz, who was quoted in the article, SADS is a ‘very hard entity to grasp’ because it’s a ‘diagnosis of nothing’.

On Twitter, Dr James E. Olsson has been cataloguing such deaths all over the world. The following are examples from a recent 24-hour period: Popular Rosegrove Man, 43, Dies After Collapsing in the Street; Dominic Green, 28, worked from home and ‘Died Suddenly’; Netflix Comedy Series Star Busisiwe Lurayi, Dead ‘Suddenly’ in her home at 36; Harley Whittle, a pupil at St. Gabriel’s RC High School in Bury, died ‘unexpectedly’; Archaeological Worker Dead ‘Suddenly’ at 24, in Kisatchie National Forest. There are dozens more on his Twitter feed.

Anecdotal? Yes, but undeniable. In the world of sports, 395 athletes died suddenly in 2021, according to a tally by GoodSciencing.com backed up by a detailed list with links to news reports. Another 384 died in the first half of this year alone.

These numbers compare with data compiled by the International Olympic Committee for the years 1966 to 2004 (Sudden cardiac death in athletes: the Lausanne Recommendations), showing a yearly average of 29 deaths in athletes under 35 years of age from a total of 1,101.

An exhaustive roundup by the Swiss Policy Research group covers cardiac incidents and deaths among athletes from January 2021 through April 2022: Covid Vaccine: Athlete Collapses and Deaths – Swiss Policy Research (swprs.org).

The sporting deaths that have made headlines are harder to ignore than those thousands from other walks of life. As the numbers have mounted, an acronym has emerged: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), a triste echo of the still-mysterious Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, as if giving it a name would help mask the connection with the Covid vaccines.

Fact checkers got busy: Fact check: False claim that SADS is linked to the COVID-19 vaccine (usatoday.com). And Full Fact headlined: ‘No evidence deaths from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome are really caused by Covid-19 vaccines’.  

Simultaneously, a spate of studies warning of lurking threats to heart health have invaded the headlines. Are you a ‘lonely older woman’? Lonely older women at greater risk of heart attack, study shows. Or are you a ‘fit and healthy’ younger woman? The little-known heart attack that strikes ‘fit and healthy’ women as young as 22. Beware of spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD), an ‘uncommon’ condition resulting when a tear forms in a blood vessel in the heart, the Sun warns. And did you know that gardening is a risk factor for heart disease? Urgent warning to gardeners as soil ‘increases risk of killer heart disease’. Or living under a flight path? Do YOU live under a flight path? Study finds heart attack rates are 70% higher in noisiest areas. Skipping breakfast? Falling asleep in front of the television? Shoveling snow? And so on. Many of these articles are rehashes of old stories, such as this one, published in February, on the dangers of energy drinks, citing a study from 2017: Heart attack: Energy drinks could cause a sudden cardiac arrest. The barrage seems designed to lull people into shrugging off cardiac deaths, even those of young, healthy people, as attributable to external or lifestyle factors – anything but the Covid-19 vaccines.

The spectre of SADS is especially frightening for the aviation industry, with airlines accused of sweeping the risk under the rug, air crew afraid to speak out and passengers flying in the dark. The surge in flight cancellations is hard to ignore. According to FlightAware.com, some 120,000 flights are cancelled per year globally, working out at a daily average of 329. The website, which posts a real-time ‘misery map’ showing air hubs the worst hit by cancellations, tallied 1,547 cancellations as of midday western European time on July 25th.

The airlines – which received $63 billion in government pandemic funds under a Payroll Protection Program – cite staff shortages as a factor among many, including severe weather, while insiders say air crew fearful for their own and passenger safety are staying away from work – typically, calling in sick – in significant numbers.

In August 2021, the 49-year-old pilot of a Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight carrying 126 passengers suffered a heart attack, and his co-pilot landed the plane. The pilot died later in hospital. An American Airlines pilot spoke out after suffering a heart attack just six minutes after he landed a plane with nearly 200 people aboard at Dallas-Fort Worth airport in April. In a video he recorded from a hospital’s intensive care unit, he blamed the vaccine he was mandated to take. ‘Literally I was told that if I did not take the vaccine, I would be fired,’ said the pilot, Bob Snow, who flew for the airline for 31 years. ‘This is not the American way.’ He noted that no one from the airline, whose headquarters is 10 minutes from the hospital where he was treated, visited him.

American Airlines has denied the reported cockpit deaths of two others of its pilots. Delta airlines categorically denied reports of the death of one of its pilots last autumn, with a fact check by USA Today stating: ‘All three coronavirus vaccines authorised in the U.S. have been found to be safe and effective at preventing serious Covid-19 cases. The shots do not cause death, as USA TODAY has previously reported.’

A California law firm, John Pierce Law, has launched a series of lawsuits targeting 18 airlines, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Transport, charging that they ignored clear regulations barring pilots from flying within a year after taking experimental medications.

The Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition has brought together groups of concerned air crews from seven countries including the US, UK and Australia, along with medical and scientific organisations such as the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and the Global Covid Summit, to raise the alarm over the dangers of the vaccines for aviation.

Addressing a European Parliament conference in early July, MEP Christine Anderson accused airlines and health authorities of ‘manipulation and gaslighting’ while deflecting from a key reason for the surge in flight cancellations.

‘What happened was that a lot of pilots that did not want to be vaccinated have been laid off, and the ones that did get vaccinated because they have families to feed and mortgages to pay … may no longer be fit to fly,’ she said.

Introducing a panel that included French and Swiss jurists and a pilot and flight attendant, she said: ‘This vaccine campaign will go down as the biggest scandal in medical history, and moreover it will be known as the biggest crime ever committed on humanity.’ https://www.tiktok.com/@karine_tk/video/7121326513265380613

It’s anyone’s guess when SADS will reach a critical mass and the connection to the vaccines will be glaringly obvious to even the most determined ostriches. The red pill will be unimaginably bitter for the victims’ families, while Big Pharma and its policy enablers face a rude day of reckoning.


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