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Holding The Line is a group of journalists who have come together to challenge media orthodoxy over Covid-19. We believe that the media has failed in many ways to report honestly and fairly on Covid-19 and has provided the government with often uncritical support for its extremist and destructive lockdown policies. Holding The Line works to raise consciousness about the reality of Covid-19 in the media industry and supports the efforts of dissident groups in other sectors.

In an interview with RT’s Chris Sweeney, Sonia Elijah sets out the origin and purpose of the group.


  1. Fantastic !!!!!!
    VERY much needed .
    Will you be exposing the truth about the jabs and how many are dying and being injured by them ??
    Is there anything the public can do to help ??


  2. I’ve been looking for you guys! Beyond all the chaos and march toward totalitarianism, I miss sitting down with a good newspaper with real journalism and decent writing. Sigh.


  3. One easy bit of research everyone can do is simply google “coronavirus”. The official stats come up for each country. You’ll land on “New Cases” first – but click on “Deaths” next to it (’cause we all know about the high percentage of false positives those tests give, right?) You’ll see that in Austria, currently locking down the unvaccinated, deaths have been at mostly 0 since, or under 5, since early June. And yes it’s “surged” to 17 today – completely normal numbers for flu season. So why jail anybody?

    I’ve been googling the deaths for over a year now. You’ll find similar stats all across Europe – even when they started imposing vaccine passports.


    1. Thanks GKN, good call. On a related point, you will probably be aware of various FOIs submitted to local authorities for burial and cremation figures in 2020 and 2021. Many areas were under the five-year average.


  4. Yes, I did see a few of those. We need them here!

    An interesting companion piece to “Monopoly” you might want to watch. I’m not not sure how accurate it is: https://www.algora.com/Algora_blog/2021/11/20/dr-david-martin-who-they-are-the-names-and-faces

    And for a bit of good news for a change Lisbon rules covid cases 152 not 17,000 as claimed by govt. https://www.algora.com/Algora_blog/2021/06/28/lisbon-court-rules-only-0-9-of-verified-cases-died-of-covid-numbering-152-not-17000-as-claimed


  5. I had covid last year and I know others the same and refused the vax……nothing is being done to investigate and promote natural immunity …because big pharma want the money from jabs….as to Matts mates and contracts.


    1. Hi des, Here’s a list of 15 studies published last August, all finding natural immunity is far better, including from Yale, Duke, Israel and the more cited Cleveland study: https://www.theblaze.com/op-ed/horowitz-15-studies-that-indicate-natural-immunity-from-prior-infection-is-more-robust-than-the-covid-vaccines?utm_source You can click on each to get the actual study.
      But you’re right, the media and govts keep acting like there aren’t any. And we know what that means. Total corruption.


  6. Curious that you attempt to stop a march to totalitarianism by headlining an interview on RT, a media organisation controlled by the Russian government with the avowed purpose of disseminating anti-Western propaganda and widely discredited for spreading disinformation.


  7. Great to hear about you and about time! One of the many aspects of press coverage that needs covering is the vaccinated/unvaccinated dichotomy. We are meant to be following the science but the category “unvaccinated” is unscientific and meaningless as it includes those with natural immunity and those with no immunity. Who decided that natural immunity was irrelevant and that those with natural immunity had to have a vaccine?


    1. Thanks Deirdre. You’re right, ‘unvaccinated’ is a useless (and mendacious) term. The creation of a hostile environment for people who chose not to have the injections was one of the most egregious aspects of the entire Covid programme.


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