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A tribute to Roger Guttridge

By Henry Widdas

This article is a tribute to one of the nicest men I never met.

I got to know long-time journalist and author Roger Guttridge during the early days of Holding the Line.

That was back in early 2021 and since then we spent countless hours on the phone and in Zoom meetings. To hear that he had passed away at the age of 73 after a long battle with leukaemia was truly devastating.

I have lost a close friend and it is a great regret we never met in person but like so many freedom-fighting friendships that have emerged since 2020, they have been forged through networking on the internet and are often between people who live hundreds of miles apart.

Roger was extremely knowledgeable about the failings of the NHS so chose to battle his cancer with frequency therapy rather than with the scalpel and chemotherapy. And he defied the expectations of doommonger consultants at two hospitals by taking long brisk walks while his blood counts were dangerously low.

He outlasted their most optimistic expectations for him and yet the consultants showed no curiosity in understanding more about the frequency therapy he was using.

And while battling his illness he took HTL by the horns. He turned us from a talking shop into a news agency. He was pumping out high-quality stories, interviewing MPs, and raising awareness about Big Pharma corruption. He helped write a front page for The Light in its early days and contributed to other articles. While doing all that he even managed to write a book about the history of Big Pharma’s manipulation of everything to do with health that dates back nearly 200 years.

What drove Roger on was a spiritual love for humanity and he carried out that spiritual role as a volunteer at Prepare for Change (PFC), an international group aimed at helping those on their awakening journey. He became hugely popular at PFC, as he was at HTL, and has left a mighty hole in both organisations.

During his 50-year career in journalism, Roger worked in local newspapers around the South West of England and also covered swimming for the sport section of the Sunday Express, including reporting on the London 2012 Olympics. And he was a competitive swimmer himself at county level.

Roger also worked for Swimming Times and spent some time as press officer for the Olympic swimming team.

He was always dignified and calm, and he would speak publicly at Stand in the Park events and receive ovations for simply stating the obvious, that “news” had somehow lost its way when reporting in a balanced way on the alleged pandemic.

Public health was another great passion of Roger’s and he helped the People’s Health Alliance (PHA) in its embryonic stages, writing press releases and holding video interviews with the co-founders, Lisa Dunnington and Katherine Macbean, that were then shared around the world by PFC, HTL and The Light.

When I relayed the sad news about Roger’s passing to PHA, Lisa wrote to me: “Roger defied the odds, gave his consultant plenty to think about and made the world a better place. Now I take comfort in knowing he’s in a better place, continuing to make a difference.”

I truly believe he is still making a difference out there, I am sure he is a guardian angel for me now, as he was to me when he was still here. He was my greatest friend I never had the pleasure of meeting.

Roger was a driving force in HTL. He was a spokesman for the group and had a particular gift for interviewing, where his naturally empathetic and considerate personal style came to the fore. Here are some of his highlights.

Lifting the lid on injection deaths. Interview with Sally Saxon, author of Covid-19 Vaccines and Beyond

“I wrote this book to stop the mocking of the injured and the censorship of the truth.” Interview with Deanna Kline, author of “Vaccine” Injuries, Lies, and Deaths: The Alarming Facts About the Covid Vaccines and Helpful Resources for Healing.

MP hits out at Government Covid-19 injection ‘disinformation campaign’. Interview with Sir Christopher Chope MP

How mainstream news ‘failed’ on Covid reporting. Interview with Chris Green MP.

Holding the Line meets A Stand in the Park. Interview with A Stand in the Park founder, Sophia Rose.

‘The NHS is crumbing far more quickly than anyone could have imagined.’ Interview with the People’s Health Alliance’s Katherine Macbean

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