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Journalists must stop believing the false reality they create

By Barry Wheedon

Are journalists the most clueless people in society?

As a bitter newspaper hack of many years, I have come to realise the answer is yes.

Most journalists never look outside of the mainstream bubble for information and they also tend to repeat what they are told by authority.

But they also don’t have time to do any digging or investigating.

It’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to holding authority to account and has led to a big drop in public trust in the legacy media.

At their core, newspapers are money-making machines, especially so for the vast majority owned by large media groups like Reach, Newsquest and National World.

But within these titles are journalists who genuinely do want to serve their communities and ensure corruption and wrongdoing are brought to the public’s attention.

So how have these individuals and the disinformation machines they work for got things so wrong for such a long time?

Fear is the main reason and it works on many levels. This fear keeps them ignorant, it stops them asking difficult questions, it stops them submitting challenging story ideas, and it makes them inclined to believe what everyone else is saying, even if they know deep down that something is not right.

For most of my career I was under that spell of fear and it was liberating to break free from it although that has been frightening in itself.

Publicly questioning established narratives in the office and on my social media accounts has been met with criticism, scorn and – most recently – silence from my colleagues.

These same colleagues build their understanding of the world from the television and newspapers where established narratives of the world are constructed and embedded in their psyche.

What can be done about this issue when gaping holes in their knowledge have allowed wars to take place on false pretenses and for freedoms to be sacrificed willingly in return for ‘public safety’?

The answer is simple. Do not trust anything you read in newspapers or watch on television, it’s that simple. Their currency is in propaganda, censorship, and lying on an industrial scale.

A version of reality has been created by the legacy news that is so far from the truth that it has become impossible for those who believe that reality to break free.

To do so would be too traumatic and therefore – subconsciously or otherwise – journalists who create and believe in this false reality do all they can to protect it.

The human suffering that has been allowed to pass, and the lies that have been repeated again and again without challenge, are unforgivable to those who are wise in the ways of the world.

But the situation we are in is not a new phenomenon, although it has become more apparent since early 2020.

Turning off the television or at least treating its talking heads with extreme scepticism is an essential step for any journalist seriously wanting to serve their communities.

Journalists must take that fear holding them back and replace it with a fear of what society could become if they continue to operate only within the false realities they have helped create.

The truth will out this time … because it must

‘The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.’ – Malcolm X

By Graham Crawford

It took just ten words to encapsulate the sinister, colossally injurious madness of the past two years for me:

‘Did the BBC’s credibility die of covid or with covid?’

Of course, the succinct placard message at a freedom rally in London should have questioned the entire global mainstream media but perhaps the BBC is most culpable.

After all, it still, undeservedly, hangs on to enough of its once-legendary reputation of being the bastion of accuracy and truth – a responsibility all the heavier in these days of lazy, cut-and-paste journalism.

The notion that ‘the BBC said it, so it must be true’ may turn out to be the most calamitous assumption replicated by so many.

For me, and millions of others, the mainstream media’s credibility has indeed died, but was there an official time of death or was it a long, indecipherable expiration?

And what remains? Too much. There is still a body of sorts, a highly-dangerous zombie manifestation relentlessly attacking its innocent victims.

Looking back, the first indication that the media body had been possessed occurred in January 2020 when people were allegedly filmed in Wuhan dropping dead in the streets.

This ‘terrible virus’ apparently simply had to touch you and ‘tig’, you were dead.

Not one mainstream reporter queried the validity of the images, establishing the ‘not questioning’ template for the next two years.

Here is an extremely disturbing list of just some of the things unquestioned by the mainstream media, every one of them a screaming red flag:

* One man, Neil Ferguson (I refuse to call him Professor), of Imperial College London, comes up with apocalyptic death toll projections – and his word, his word alone, is taken as gospel by the world despite an appalling track record on previous health emergencies.

* Long-established and well-researched pandemic protocols are cast aside to instead lock down and quarantine entire healthy populations for a virus akin to a bad flu – even after it is established that only the elderly and vulnerable are chiefly at serious risk.

* The World Health Organisation and America’s hugely influential Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) make repeated contradictory evaluations.

* The UK’s own scientific advisors make repeated predictions shown to be terribly wrong.

* A testing procedure (PCR) is quickly established as a ‘gold standard’ despite its inventor, the late Dr Kary Mullis, making it clear it was unsuitable for use as a diagnostic tool.

* Rules introduced whereby someone would be called a covid death if they died within 28 days of a positive test – regardless of any serious long-term health issue such as cancer or heart disease.

* Cheap face masks introduced as obligatory apparel despite no real evidence of their efficacy.

* Measures and restrictions introduced with ‘scientific’ authority to give them substance, yet completely contradicted with a further dose of ‘scientific’ authority only weeks later.

* Disproportionate measures in relation to actual threats.

* Measures harming NHS services rather than protecting them.

* Members of governments and advisers making flagrant breaches of strict no-contact guidelines, allegedly putting themselves and others at extreme risk – but actually revealing their knowledge about the true and limited dangers of this virus?

* One extremely powerful man, Bill Gates, with no medical qualifications, is allowed to assume the role as the world’s chief spokesman in the battle against the virus – which he maintains can only be won by vaccinating the entire global population.

* Gates has huge conflicts of interests through his investments in pharmaceutical industries and leading media outlets.

* Many key decision makers are linked to, or were heavily linked to, the pharmaceutical industry.

* Despite an alleged urgent global emergency, reportedly safe alternative methods of treatment are quickly dismissed and banned.

* Medical staff have their usual freedoms to decide on treatments to protect patients taken from them.

* Lockdowns continue to be used despite a growing mountain of research showing limited benefits but enormous harms to lives and livelihoods.

* Outrageous, eye-watering sums of public money spent tackling covid without any demonstrable cost-benefit analysis.

* So-called covid vaccines fail to do what vaccines are supposed to do, so the definition of what constitutes a vaccine is changed.

* We are promised that once the elderly and vulnerable are vaccinated, we can get back to normal – but it does not happen.

* Matt Hancock says the vaccines will be for adult-use only, not for children who face negligible risk from the virus, yet they are introduced to ever-younger age groups.

* Use of the vaccines continues despite mounting evidence from the UK Government’s official Yellow Card reporting scheme and similar schemes in the USA and Europe of extremely alarming levels of deaths and serious adverse effects from the injections.

* An unusually high number of top footballers and other athletes collapsing and even dying.

* Informed consent not being sought from people prior to participating in an experimental procedure.

* Human rights breached through the use of governmental threats, coercion and bullying.

* The relentless, unethical use of behavioural scientists to attempt to influence and control the minds of entire populations.

* Key, overarching decisions being taken without parliamentary discussion.

Of course, there can only be one explanation for the mainstream media’s overwhelming failure to engage in proper journalism or even make basic inquiries: it has been in on this Great Lie all along.

It did not simply fail to ask questions or defend people’s rights through some kind of collective amnesia or oversight; it became the vehicle through which the Great Lie could continue and be magnified.

The media terrorised and targeted. It incited hate and division. It shut down debate and censored anyone, no matter how qualified or eminent, who dared attempt to expose the world’s greatest deception and fraud.

Totally corrupted, the mainstream media’s cards are all in. More and more of us know it is holding nothing but that it will keep bluffing. It must; if the hand ends, it will be bankrupt, as will all the politicians and scientists with skin in the game.

The media will, as Malcolm X implied, continue to work to retain power for those whose interests it represents, believing it can control the narrative and keep the majority of people held in the illusions put before them.

Right now, it is participating in a shift, a sleight of hand. Other distractions are being conjured up and played up: the prospect of a war, inflation, energy crisis, etc. Covid? Nothing much to see here anymore, move on… everybody did their best, we just have to live with it.

Except, I and many others are not buying. Something horrendous happened during the past two years, something so wrong it seems surreal, and our minds are imprinted with the details of the real costs and harms.

The German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who has gathered extensive evidence to lead a global fight for truth and justice now under way, has stated how he came to see the time of Covid as a spiritual battle. Many share that view.

Two years ago we entered into an upside-down existence which became distilled down to a battle between light and dark.

The darkness has held sway for too long but the light is beginning to break through.

The pushback for light and truth is well under way, evinced in the immensely powerful stance of Europe-wide protests, Canadian truckers and millions of others globally who are not going to be silenced.

The mainstream media in its present manifestation will not break the human spirit because too many spirited humans know exactly what is at stake.

I repeat, we will not be broken and we will not go away. The truth will out and those individuals and institutions that harmed countless millions by their actions will be held to account.

Why do they call me an anti-vaxxer?

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary describes me as an ‘anti-vaxxer’. This was news to me, I’ve had my vaccines. So why call me an anti-vaxxer? Simple answer – I believe in choice and bodily autonomy.

I do believe there is a pandemic, that Covid can kill and that there have been cases of long Covid. I also believe that the vaccine can also have adverse side-effects; some mild, some very severe. These potential side-effects are the second reason why I am against mandatory vaccines and believe that people should assess the risk for themselves. I’m not a ‘conspiracy theorist’ but I do think that once we go down the road of forcing or coercing people to have something done to their own body that they do not want, we are heading into very dangerous territory.

There are those who ask, ‘why don’t they just get the vaccine?’ And there are those who dismiss unvaccinated people as ‘anti-vaxxers’ (isn’t it curious how insults are used to shut down debate?) and ‘selfish’ (is it not selfish to dictate what other people should do with their own bodies?)

I think of this famous poem:

‘… Then they came for the Jews

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me

And there was no one left

To speak out for me’.

In other words, it’s a slippery slope. Once we let the state have control of our bodies in terms of a vaccine, what next?

Another reason why I’m against mandatory vaccines is that they do not stop transmission. If vaccinated and unvaccinated alike can still spread the virus, why are some countries insisting on Covid passports to enter cafes, for example? Or generally treating unvaccinated people as second-class citizens? And why do some people in this country want our Government to go down this sinister road? It frightens me how certain people in this country (newspaper columnists among them) would be more than happy to have a totalitarian government.

Thankfully in England (so far) we haven’t gone too far down this medical apartheid route. However, the Government is still demanding vaccine mandates for NHS staff, the same doctors and nurses who they were praising and clapping on a Thursday back in 2020.

Some people say that they would prefer not to be treated by unvaccinated healthcare staff. This makes no sense whatsoever. Having this vaccine won’t make NHS staff any safer to be around. The vaccinated and unvaccinated can still pass the virus on, as I’ve mentioned before. The Government says there will be less pressure on the NHS if more people get vaccinated, but if unvaccinated doctors and nurses have to leave then the health service will be under more pressure, not less.

I’m not the only one to be concerned about this. It’s now compulsory for carers to be vaccinated. The care industry was already having problems with staff recruitment and retention. The Homecare Association said ‘further serious harm’ is likely to come to older and disabled people and that the Government has ‘seriously misjudged’ the balance between risk of Covid infection and the risk of patients going without care. Without staff, vaxxed or not, there can be no care. And it looks like the NHS – which has its own issues with staffing levels – may end up suffering too.

From my views, you will guess that I have sympathy with the NHS staff facing the sack. But I also feel for their colleagues who will be left to bear the brunt. And I feel sad for patients, even the terrified and deluded ones who think they’ll feel safer with ‘only’ vaccinated staff to look after them. What will happen when they realise that, with fewer staff, there will be more pressure on the NHS, and this extra pressure will result in a worse service for patients? The phrase, ‘be careful what you wish for’ comes to mind.

As I write this, I hear that ministers may ‘pause’ the mandate over fears that 70,000 staff could be sacked.

Two thoughts: first, pausing isn’t stopping; second, why are they even contemplating sacking 70,000 health workers (who are no more ‘dangerous’ than their vaccinated colleagues) during a pandemic in an already under-staffed profession?

Can anyone tell me where the logic is in all this?

Clare works for a regional newspaper in the United Kingdom.

Media’s inflammatory scaremongering mutates into fast-spreading fear and loathing

By Graham Crawford

It was another disheartening morning listening to Kaye Adams stoking the fear yet again on her BBC Scotland morning radio phone-in.

You have to at least acknowledge the brutal staying power of her, the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media; nearly two years of cranking up listeners’ and readers’ anxiety and distrust in others on a daily basis.

‘Is now the time to put the squeeze on the unvaccinated?’ she matter of factly asks her listeners.

In a programme prompted by the debacle involving Novak Djokovic in Australia, she has an invited guest tell us that sports stars are role models and must lead by example.

Adams chips in: ‘Is it time to make vaccines mandatory for our top football players?’ How long can players who are not vaxxed get away with it, is the question. After all, the fans have to be jabbed and boosted now in Scotland to get into stadiums.

(Good trick that. Booster uptake is too slow for Sturgeon’s liking, so suddenly you need three pricks to get to the game. Bingo! The single-focused football fanatics fall for the blackmail yet again. What was that footie saying about ‘dying for the shirt’?)

Just like with Djokovic in Australia, no one is asking if it makes sense to effectively enforce mass vaccination with an injection that does not stop transmission or infection.

Or, who is it that actually needs protection?

No, the only question on the table is: is it equitable for Djokovic or hesitant football stars not be injected ‘when the rest of us are’?

Yes, this shot is so good that it only works if everyone gets it. Except it does not really work, and because of that everyone who gets it has to have another and another…

Yes, I know, it is mad. Catch-22.

Anyway, back to Adams’ programme and we see how two years of mass hysteria have taken us to a place where no one – not least of all Ofcom – bats an eye about content that incites division and hatred.

What if she had asked if it was time to ‘put the squeeze’ on immigrants/blacks/gypsies/Jews/gay/fat people/the disabled?

Who would have kept their jobs? Not her or the producers talking into her earphones, for sure.

Let us be clear: there are questions like that being asked, or views like that being expressed, constantly in today’s mainstream media.

One intellect recently decried the lack of the equivalent of leper colonies to deal with the unvaxxed. No, he was not joking – just ignorant and very dangerous.

This is terrifying. We have a woke brigade getting their knickers in a twist ‘cancelling’ comedians for uttering anything remotely iffy but happily calling for the equivalent of ducking stools for those who will not fall into line and be jabbed.

I remain compassionate; it is not the fault of these attackers – they are victims too. They have been terrorised and propagandised ceaselessly until they become the rabid spreaders of fear and loathing.

The effects of the criminal overreach of the SAGE behavioural scientists could not possibly be confined to people simply observing unsocial distance and washing their hands more. Extremely serious damage and harms have been done, as history will show.

We now have a country of victimised people looking for someone else to blame for them being kept terrified, restricted and oppressed for two years. Someone must pay, they demand.

After 20 minutes of the Kaye Adams show I needed to vent my dismay and anger. I called a friend, Dave, who soon had his own tale of woe to tell – and one that epitomised the terrible impact of this vaccine divisiveness being experienced by possibly hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Dave was genuinely distraught at witnessing the disintegration of what he had assumed was a once-in-a-lifetime friendship that could never be broken.

He and Mateo had kept in regular touch for years since their time together in South America.

They had spent an unforgettable three months together, sleeping in a tiny, two-man tent as they hitch-hiked through the jungle virtually penniless, living on their wits and living out Kerouac’s On the Road.

It was an incredible, carefree period of their then young lives, full of adventure, laughter and shared hairy moments. They knew that these moments and memories of gorgeous, sometimes reckless freedoms – that every young man should taste – would bind them forever like blood brothers.

Then along came Covid. Dave became an anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine passport campaigner. Mateo meanwhile was almost immediately resigned to whatever was being imposed.

Dave shared research material with his pal, the kind of stuff that was coming from highly credible and respected sources who had been censored by the mainstream media.

Mateo remained unmoved, and Dave scratched his head.

Eventually, Mateo’s texts become more distant and even patronising. The last one amounted to a shrug and effectively, ‘who cares, the world has always been oppressive, accept it’.

On the morning I had phoned Dave to vent about the callous irresponsibility of the BBC, he had just finished composing a text to Mateo.

He read it to me, and we talked about how he felt, how he knew that the friendship was as good as over.

The text reminded me of the kind of lovelorn letter sent to someone in the hope that the power of the heartfelt words changes their minds. They rarely do.

With his permission, I can share what the text said:

‘Apatio hermano [apathy brother].

‘I’ve been aware of injustice in the world for a while.

‘What we are witnessing is the unfolding of a global police state, with loss of basic freedoms. Watching it happen and saying “it has always been like this” feels right to you Mateo, and that’s fine. But we are not on the same page in that regard and we are both aware of that.

‘This is the world your sons will have to live in…

‘And until enough of us stand up in the face of tyranny, your sons will live their lives with Freedom Passports in a technological police state where body autonomy and basic freedoms are a thing of the past my friend.

‘I’ll be at the next freedom rally… hope to see the largest gathering for freedom so far since March 2020.

‘Once people see they have been lied to and face up to the control agenda before their eyes, there’s no turning back.

‘Our numbers will continue to grow as this unfolds throughout 2022.

‘I pray for the Austrians facing mandatory vaccination soon and for the unvaccinated in Western Australian whose medical treatment is now considered “non-essential”.

‘BBC Scotland is debating compulsory vaccinations this morning, my man, inciting division and dehumanisation. I hope people can resist the programme.

‘But it’s those who are standing up for this that I place my faith in.

‘“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

‘Reflect on this my friend.’

I have only come to know Dave during the past year. We have developed an incredibly strong bond in our shared passion to retain our natural freedoms, and together we have made wonderful new friends on this particular ‘trip’.

I have witnessed in him a strong spirit and resolve in the face of some real personal challenges. However, it would appear that the fight and spirit of his dear South American friend, whom he once relied upon wholeheartedly 24/7, has, for whatever reason, gone.

I am reminded of Primo Levi’s famous book Is This a Man about his WW2 experiences as a Jew in concentration camps.

He tells of being moved to a new camp and quickly engaging with a group of fellow new arrivals in defiant talk of survival and even escape.

These young men would look after each other and stay strong, they vowed. The reality was very different. Within a few weeks in horrendous conditions, Levi noticed that, one by one, the others could no longer look him in the eye.

He knew then that they had given up; their spirit was broken, gone. He knew they would not survive.

Is it time to switch off from censorship platform YouTube?

By Henry Widdas

Like alcoholics returning to the nectar of oblivion, we keep coming back to YouTube knowing full well its damaging influence for ourselves and society.

For ourselves, we lose our self-respect using a platform that we know manipulates billions of its users, guiding them into one-way-traffic narratives.

And for society, we know that the Google-owned platform’s censorship methods have been a death knell for fairness and freedom. Where once we had informed debate we now have AI algorithms shutting down discourse.

For more than 10 years, James Corbett, the esteemed investigative journalist and founder of The Corbett Report, has been warning us about the dangers of tech giant censorship.

The Canadian who lives in Japan revealed the dark cloud of censorship casting its shadow across the Big Tech landscape – and how that censorship was being used to shape opinions across the globe.

Like a soothsayer predicting their own death, James warned us his own YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of followers would soon be deleted.

And so it was on April 9, 2021, that James’ show was finally pushed off YouTube for good.

Just like that, the lights were switched off on 14 years of his work, some 1,700+ videos, 569,000+ subscribers and 90 million+ video views.

But even that deeply sad moment for journalism failed to raise the eyebrows of many who still use the designed-to-be-addictive platform.

And even after HTL became a victim of the censorship, with one of its YouTube videos being taken down after just two minutes of being uploaded, our members are still drawn to the platform.

Perhaps a resolution is needed, a resolution to stop engaging with platforms that use censorship. Do we cut ourselves off from the largest audience, showing them the importance of leading by example? Or do we continue to work with these platforms in the hope we can still reach those who could not otherwise be reached?

By cooperating with these platforms, will we ever enjoy a world where debate can be held freely and without fear of persecution? Those times are gone now but perhaps they can return if enough of us say no to censorship. To do this we must take away our precious commodity of time from these tech giants who trade in censorship and the information we give them.

Here is our YouTube video that was deleted, on the grounds it was “medical misinformation”. HTL will leave you to decide if that censorship was justified.


Happy New Year from the team at HTL.

Journalists must wake up to the terrible harms they are causing

By Graham Crawford

‘Walk forth without fear, no matter what, no matter what’ (Anonymous)

Those in the newspaper game have all been there. A new acquaintance asks what we do. We say journalist, and their face lights up. ‘Oh, how interesting.’ And they actually mean it.

It is a career which has always commanded a certain regard and fascination. Glamour even?

Well, maybe…once upon a time.

Once upon a time before the ‘fake news’ fairy tales, before too many mainstream journalists forgot they were supposed to be ‘fair, balanced and accurate’.

Balanced. What are other words like that? How about ‘proportionate’ or ‘perspective’?

So let us go back to that moment where you are asked what you do. What sort of response would you get if, instead of replying you are a journalist, you said: ‘I’m a fearmonger. I’m in the fear industry. Fear porn, actually. You know, the hard-core stuff, the non-stop, relentless, f**k-with-their-heads stuff.

‘We are clever about it. They don’t even realise. They actually think we are on their side, that we care what happens to them.

‘It is so easy, really. We have been doing this for nearly two years and they still haven’t cottoned on. Not sure they will. You see, we had their trust to start with.’

I constantly ask myself, how did so many members of the mainstream media get to this place of being merciless scaremongers without a thought to the incalculable damage done, psychologically and materially, to their own families, communities and the wider human race?

Well, they themselves are not immune to fear. Many, by dint of their roles, immerse themselves in the language and culture of it and are all too easily infected. It is a form of self-infection, self-sabotage.

Then, by the nature of their jobs, they become super spreaders, contaminating all and sundry with their cranked-up vision of apocalyptic dangers.

By the sheer alchemy of fear, anxiety and paranoia – and perhaps a heavy dose of laziness, ignorance and their own unresolved issues (we all have them) – they transform a virus which has a 99.9% survival rate and is primarily a mortal threat to the very elderly and infirm, into a modern-day bubonic plague (which took out 40-60% of Europe’s population).

‘Two weeks to flatten the curve’ has evolved into ‘no jab, no job’ and ‘show us your papers’. Dear God, what next? Well, we know, just look at Australia.

The virus has not essentially changed, but the world has in response to it – and very much for the worse.

A very experienced Scottish political journalist went on TV and radio last year and repeatedly referred to covid as ‘this hideous plague’. This Dickensian looking man was clearly terribly pleased with his colourful turn of phrase.

I lodged official complaints to the BBC and then the Independent Press Standards Organisation about this blatant and harmful fearmongering.

I got no joy and was effectively told it was ‘acceptable language’ in the circumstances.

Really? Did they actually believe that?

Was I truly shocked at the response? No. By eight months into this new upside-down version of the world, I well understood that reason and rationale had long since caught a train out of town, leaving untrammelled madness in charge and running amok.

We were now in an ambitious movie that was somehow managing to combine Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Catch-22 and Nineteen-Eighty Four, with Franz Kafka as screenwriter.

Back to today, and it does seem that many journalists must be genuinely riddled with fear after narrating it for so long.

At peak Covid (but not hysteria) in spring 2020, I counted 130 stories about or mentioning Covid in a single edition of my daily paper.

It permeated everything from news to finance to features to sport.

This merciless onslaught abated but never let up, day after day.

My only relief was the crossword, though I half awaited the day of ‘five letters beginning with C’ and ‘eight letters beginning with L’.

In 20 months, there have been many hundreds of letters in the same paper reinforcing the fear narrative and not one challenging it. How remarkable; never in the history of mankind had we all shared the same views, but we did now apparently.

Only there was a snag: many of the letters attacked ‘idiots’ out there who clearly did not feel the same way.

Columnists diverted their brilliant minds away from their usual cogitations on endless trivia to talk about the virus ad infinitum in the manner of expert virologists or epidemiologists…except they never examined data and held it up to the light or made any societal cost/benefit analysis on hugely punitive measures.

To a man and woman, they just reacted. Lazily. Fearfully. Constantly.

Was there an antidote all along to their infection? Yes, of course. A daily dose of vigilance, integrity and discernment would have kept their minds and souls intact.

Instead, with their selective ‘truths’ and omissions and lack of scrutiny, they have not only failed humanity, the very people they were supposed to stand up for and protect, but caused the world’s populations untold harms.

As an extensive arm to the governments’ highly unethical behavioural scientists, they have pummelled the global psyche, stressed and traumatised countless millions and harmed all generations, not least of all the elderly and the most precious, the young, the future. Children, innocent in all this (and relatively unthreatened by the virus), have been demonised, guilt-tripped and filled with levels of fear and anxiety they may never recover from.

How bad is that? Very bad. Nothing, but nothing, good comes out of fear. Just negatives: hate, anger, division, doubt, insecurity, paranoia, violence. And much more, all compounded in a terrible, ugly mix that threatens to only deepen and has no happy ending.

Through mainstream media’s actions, terrifying doors have been opened to emboldened dark forces increasingly coming into plain sight.

The effects of the harms cannot exclude the very children of the journalists who are inflicting the daily damage.

Then there are the partners, families, friends and others they would purport to care for. Very few of these connections will have escaped the dreadful impact of the media’s uber fear spreaders.

But wait. Am I too guilty of spreading fear? Is there no hope?

Of course, there is. Even now, the worst can still be stopped from happening (and yes, the worst; again, look at Australia and elsewhere and you see the screaming red flags. Carl Jung apparently said the greatest threat to humanity was a global mass psychosis; is this not what we are witnessing?).

Members of the media, the very people who have intentionally or unwittingly facilitated this plunge into a dystopian nightmare, and without whose compliance this would have been resolved long ago, still have the power to wake up to the horrors they are committing.

They can rediscover the courage once present in our best journalists. They can rediscover character, backbone and social responsibility, and a sense of fairness and justice. They can rediscover reason and proportionality.

They can rediscover their true voice and declare they will be part of this no more. Not only that, they can speak out against what has been going on.

Surely, surely they can say: I love my children, family and friends and they have been through enough.

Love and death in the New Weird Order

By Graham Crawford

My eldest son is very smart. I say that not as a proud father but as a statement of fact. Reflected glory is not my thing; he is his own person in every way. My son can hold me in awe with his computer-like brain and retentive powers.

However, by the middle of last year, a great insurmountable divide developed between us on the subject of Covid responses. It was a schism on a scale that for many friendships and familial relationships easily surpasses previously testing splits over Scottish independence or Brexit.

Perhaps the Project Fears utilised in the latter two were just training grounds, muscling up for Covid. Certainly neither independence nor Brexit were perceived (at least by the majority) as a matter of life or death.

I also came to realise that the exchanges with my scientist son over the appropriateness and proportionality of Covid-19 measures actually revealed an apparently insurmountable disconnect between the predominantly linear mind and the largely non-linear mind.

By their very nature both, in their own world views, could be right and the other wrong.

My son and I descended into a stony silence after a brief, grudging acknowledgement that we could never reach common ground. That impasse on the subject has continued for well over a year, and I know from talking to others that this has been mirrored in countless relationships across the country.

Many have ended on extremely acrimonious terms, possibly never to be healed, which in itself, I would argue, reflects very badly on a highly unethical Project Fear indulged in by governments, their behavioural scientists and the mainstream media. Clearly, peace and harmony are not going to be by-products of any relentless fear campaign.

In my case, the final straw with my son occurred when he declared that ‘freedom did not matter’.

Something snapped in me with those words. I knew then that only someone operating in a different paradigm from me could say that. This was science and control vs spirit and freedom.

To me our inalienable freedoms are the beginning and the end, without which everything else becomes meaningless.

We can’t continue to live like this

We cannot possibly live, and I mean really live, in this New Weird Order of scientific control and micromanagement of every aspect of our lives. A New Weird Order in which literally every cough and splutter of a virus are obsessed over and analysed to the nth degree.

It takes us on an infinite loop – as witnessed by the hysteria on every arrival of a new ‘variant of concern’ – which is utterly destructive and paralysing, individually and collectively.

It has hobbled the very NHS this morbid fixation allegedly set out to ‘protect’ and created an unprecedented waiting list for operations as well as a ‘tsunami’ of mental health problems (tsunami was the word used to me recently by an NHS psychiatrist).

I will now tell Covid-fearful people: do not pray you avoid the virus, pray that you do not develop cancer, a heart problem or some other serious health threat because it is unlikely you will get the timely attention and full treatment you would have once received.

We must find a way of freeing ourselves from this acute case of hyper-vigilance which has worsened since March 2020. Thanks to the mainstream media’s relentless fear onslaught, society is now behaving as if only Covid-19 stands between us and eternal life.

A gentle reminder

My gentle reminder to others would be: your time on board the good ship Earth is short, make the most of it. Love life, embrace it, live it to the full and with passion.

Welcome it in its innumerable imponderables and uncertainties and it will be a beautiful, perfectly imperfect journey. We are here to learn to connect to our true, free and unlimited spirit which in its deepest reality is untainted by the world’s inevitable dramas.

We previously quite happily and possibly obliviously (maybe no bad thing at that) took risks in so many aspects of our lives. Are we now, under fear of penalties, to stop smoking, drinking and over-eating? They are all in the long run greater killers than a virus. What about driving? Not only are we daring to put ourselves at risk, but are providing a clear and present danger to others. Must that go too?

This is where we are heading unless we can snap out of this dreadful and debilitating obsessive, compulsive disorder over Covid which has already led to a doubling of depression and a 19% increase in alcohol-related deaths in a single year.

Now a word from our PM

This article is interrupted by an important announcement from Prime Minister Boris Johnson:

‘May I begin by saying that it is with a very heavy heart I have to make this statement today to our nation’s wonderful people.

‘After long and meticulous examination of all the evidence before us, myself and my team of expert advisers have come to the unavoidable conclusion that we can no longer allow people to have children.

‘It is perhaps something we should have looked at more seriously before, but it is clear to us now that births can no longer be allowed because they inevitably end in death.

‘When we fully examined and considered the gravity of this undeniable fact, we knew that as a responsible, caring government we could not knowingly allow births to occur when they have such final and often agonising endings which we have been unable to halt, despite valiant efforts by our amazing scientists.

‘To act otherwise now would be totally irresponsible on our part.

‘This decision has also been made possible now that we have ready access to so much incredibly efficient and reliable AI assistance.

‘We will of course make full counselling available to all couples who hoped to still have children.

‘Sterilisation measures will be put in place, and may I stress to everyone that this will in no way impact on previous rules concerning the designated times and places for fully-registered couples having sex.

‘Further details will be relayed to your homes along with your food and other essentials.’

End of transmission

The other day I was overwhelmed by a deep and weary sadness. The sheer, utterly exhausting insanity of the world’s New Weird Order was almost too much to bear. It was like a terrible grief for what has been lost, and what has become of us. HOW. DID. THIS. HAPPEN? How did humanity get to such levels of self-harm so easily? When the enemy, Covid, carries such relatively limited and known threats in the grand scheme of things? What vanities and illusions, what repressions and denials do people hold that they cannot see what is being done to them, to all of us, and ironically in the name of public health protection?

I have had these moments before. They are not resisted and they pass. They are followed by a defiance of the spirit. I will not be broken, and I look at the many others like me, many millions all across the world, and I know in my heart that they too will not surrender, cannot surrender, to this irrational onslaught and the dark clouds besetting us.

Tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow always brings hope of a return to sanity…sanity over so-called science.

Underneath every mask is a human being

By Henry Widdas

Walking into the Aldi supermarket in Blackburn, Lancashire this evening I saw a man at the entrance wearing a mask and a beanie hat, both of them, presumably, to protect from the close-to-freezing temperatures.

He put down his empty shopping bags and at a counter by the automatic door started dispensing sanitiser onto his hands. It was at this point our eyes locked onto each other.

Me, maskless, him, masked up. Even with his mask on I could tell he didn’t like the look of me, and the feelings were reciprocated.

For me, the wearing of a mask signifies unquestioning subservience, loss of freedoms and division.

For him, my maskless face may have symbolised danger, anti-social behaviour and anarchy.

Upon entering the store I picked up a basket and noticed that every other customer in there was masked, the professionals in their black masks and the perhaps more reluctant in their blue disposable masks.

I sighed, knowing it was that time of year again when I could expect to be harassed for not wearing a mask in shops.

And right on cue I heard a voice behind me. “Excuse me, mate, do you not wear a mask?”

It was the man from outside the store, about my age, late 40s. Much of his face was covered by his impressive black mask but his glasses couldn’t disguise the stoniness of his gaze.

This is how our conversation went:

Me: “No, I don’t wear one.”

Man: “Don’t you think you should wear one?”

Me: “No, why are you wearing one?”

Man: “I’m trying to protect the shop staff.”

Me: “From what?”

Man: “Why do people have to be so negative?”

Me: “I don’t wear a mask as they don’t work.”

Man: “Two metres mate, you have to be two metres back.”

Me, starting to walk away: “Have you done any research on masks? No, you haven’t, end of story.”

Man: “Haven’t you had Covid then?”

Me, walking away: “No but let’s live and let live and all that.”

Man, walking up to me, within two metres: “My daughter is a scientist.”

Me: “I’m a journalist, I make my judgements by following the money.”

Man: “So you’ve not caught it then, not known anyone who’s died of it?”

Me: “I know lots of people who have died of cancer, a lot of cancer treatments have been cancelled recently.”

Man: “Get back two metres mate.”

Me, walking off for the third time: “Ok, lad, be on your way.”

We both lost the debate, we both lost our tempers although there were no raised voices, we both failed to see each other’s side of things, we both allowed for the mask to divide us.

Do not fall into this trap, underneath every mask is a human being with their own experiences, their own beliefs, and their own prejudices. We all have those three things – experiences, beliefs and prejudices – so try not to judge others if you, yourself, do not want to be judged.

Sinister or a ‘special kind of stupid’? Media almost silent as three paragraphs reveal so much

By Graham Crawford

It was just three paragraphs buried at the bottom of page 6 of my national newspaper on November 4th.

Three measly paragraphs that I, and so many others, waited for more than 18 months to be acknowledged under the category of ‘bleeding obvious and so predictable’.

They contained a message which should have been screaming from the front pages a long time ago but for reasons only the mainstream media globally can fully explain, went unsaid.

In short, it confirmed that Covid prevention measures – lockdowns and the paralysis of NHS as it fixates relentlessly on Covid – have caused far more harm than good.

The three-paragraph article, under the tame headline ‘Expert fears an increase in other serious illnesses’, quoted UK respiratory expert Professor Michael Peake who revealed he and his colleagues had been looking at the impact of covid on cancer care.

He stated: ‘We’re beginning to quantify what that is. It’s a huge…there’s probably going to be more people who die of other conditions – heart disease, cancer, kidney disease – than will have died directly of covid, probably, just because of the effect of covid on these services.’

His statement should have been front-page news. It was not, because it did not fit with the government, mainstream media and big pharma narrative to maintain mass hysteria and irrational control measures in relation to a virus with a 99.9% survival rate.

We have seen this crime of downplaying (or actively demeaning) counter narrative stories occur time and again.

Early last summer the same paper disclosed, after months of emotional media hype about our heroic frontline doctors and care workers risking their lives, that official data revealed they were at no more risk of contracting covid than the general public.

What did it merit? Five paragraphs on page 4. Again, it should have been front page.

Unbelievably, on November 11th, one week after dedicating, and tucking almost out of sight, three whole paragraphs to Professor Peake’s revelations, the same paper gave a double-page spread to plugging a new book essentially ridiculing as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ anyone who dares question the established line on masks, vaccines and climate change.

And the author of such certainty? A renowned scientist or academic? Well, actually no. His main job is ‘comedian’.

He did make me laugh of sorts when I checked the backgrounds of those experts he quotes extensively and joined some familiar dots. (Damn, that makes me a conspiracy theorist – so just ignore that.)

Since March 2020, the same paper has published hundreds of letters reinforcing the relentless fear narrative and not a single one challenging it. (Damn again, that’s just the paranoia of a conspiracy theorist. Ignore again.)

Professor Peake’s announcement on November 4th confirmed what Lord Sumption presciently warned against in the Sunday Times in early spring of 2020: that the lockdown cure was in danger of being far worse than the disease.

Sumption, a former Supreme Court judge and arguably one of the country’s finest minds, was speaking of course before logic, reason, debate, common sense, rationality and proportionality were effectively censored and outlawed.

Back then many of us sensed something stinking and insane was afoot; we prayed we were wrong and that a sufficient degree of sanity would be restored sooner rather than later. We desperately wanted to believe what we were witnessing was just a colossal misinterpretation on our part and not a crazed, dystopian nightmare unfolding before our eyes.

We really did not want to be right, because the reality of the damage done (and still being done) to humanity in so many unprecedented and incalculable ways was almost too horrific and disturbing to bear.

No less alarming has been the realisation that the actions taken by many of the main players among governments, their advisers, media and big pharma have to be nothing short of wilful, criminal and sinister in their desired outcomes.

Or maybe it really has been simply ‘a special kind of stupid’ on their parts, as Ivor Cummins generously offered a while back. But, dear lord, that level of stupidity would have to be at stratospheric levels and reaching a frontier where mankind has never gone before.

That need not to be right among those of us awake to the real horrors of the past two years has made us the polar opposite of the vast majority incapable of seeing what was happening. They have been rendered totally incapable of critical thinking as a result of the world’s biggest and most successful propaganda and brainwashing campaign ever. Such is the fragility and self-protecting nature of the ego, these people still need ‘to be right’ and refuse to listen.

Therein lies a massive problem, and the fact that this latest revelation from Professor Peake, a respected source just awarded an OBE for services to medicine, has been reduced to three paragraphs at the bottom of page 6 tells us this utter and extremely dangerous madness is far from over.

But that is another thing we already know intuitively – just like everything else we have sensed coming since March 2020 and been proved correct about…regrettably.

Graham Crawford is a former award-winning weekly newspaper editor.