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Lockdowns hinder our immunity

By Charlie Spedding

The advice of Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Boris Johnson has been consistent. They want to prevent or slow down the spread of the virus with social distancing, restrictions and lockdowns. The SAGE team have pushed fear of the virus to increase compliance.

A world-wide search of relevant scientific literature paints a different picture.

Dr Sheldon Cohen is a Professor of Psychology at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He has spent more than three decades studying the connection between psychological stress and its impact on viral respiratory diseases.

Professor Cohen’s research involves a thorough psychological assessment of his volunteers before they are placed in quarantine and exposed to viruses causing influenza or the common cold. The severity of the symptoms suffered by each individual are measured and compared with their pre-infection status.

Professor Cohen consistently finds that people with the highest levels of long-term stress suffer more extreme symptoms than those with low levels of stress. He also finds that smoking and low vitamin levels are linked to poor outcomes. Factors associated with decreased risk included social integration, social support, physical activity, adequate and efficient sleep, and moderate alcohol intake.

Professor Cohen says: ‘Social integration refers to the degree to which an individual participates in a broad range of social relationships and is generally defined in terms of the number of social roles one plays (e.g. spouse, parent, friend, fellow employee, volunteer).

‘Social integration has been found to predict lesser mortality as well as lower risk for cardiovascular disease onset and disease progression. These associations are thought to occur because social integration tends to boost positive psychological states that have beneficial effects on a range of disease-relevant physiological pathways. In contrast, a particularly low level of integration is viewed as social isolation, which is experienced as a stressful event.’

Social isolation causes a markedly reduced immune response. Lockdowns cause social isolation. It seems that SAGE policy is designed to make us all more susceptible to viral infection instead of less so. This topic, of course, is never discussed in the mainstream media.

Charlie Spedding is a retired pharmacist and author (From Last to First and Stop Feeding Us Lies) living in County Durham. A former long-distance runner, he won the 1984 London Marathon and won the bronze medal in that year’s Olympic Games in Los Angeles.