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‘Real not Rare’ – just like our determination for truth and justice

By Graham Crawford

What do you do now? What can you do?

For more than two years many of us were out on the streets almost on a weekly basis protesting against lockdowns, masks, vaccine mandates and passports, and other breaches of human rights.

Finally, the government backed off and there has been an appearance of a return to pre-covid ‘normality’. Most people were understandably desperate to turn away from the nightmare and get their lives back. Pretend it never happened, even.

In recent months it seemed almost hollow to march and shout. Against what, and who would listen? Even fewer than before?

Trouble is, we know too much now; we cannot unsee it.

We have learned about the very real end goals of those whose orchestrated mayhem drove us to the brink of a full-blown dystopian existence.

And we know that if they can carry off such a colossal and damaging con so easily once, then they can certainly do it again. Anytime. Especially when the mainstream media is ensuring that the masses are continually being held in a state of anxiety and uncertainty over inflation, war, climate, energy and other engineered fear narratives.

This is the same media which relentlessly pushed the narrative that, for the world to return to normal, everyone needed to take new, heaven-sent ‘safe and effective vaccines’.

Except, they did not stay ‘safe’. They became ‘acceptably safe’.  Then we were told ‘the benefits outweighed the risks’. However, even the latter was not true – particularly for the young and healthy.
Meanwhile, everyone continued to be coerced, threatened and guilt-tripped in to taking them. Over and over again. Even when it should have been glaringly obvious to the recipients that the injections were not doing what was written on the tin.

Now we have more than 2,000 officially-reported injection deaths in the UK alone, and hundreds of thousands of serious adverse effects – many life changing.

These kinds of figures are mirrored throughout the world’s many highly vaccinated countries. Similarly, there are terrifying excess death rates of 15-35% above average, which cannot be attributed to covid or other tenuous causes despite ridiculous attempts by the mainstream media and others to do so.

Despite the horrendous figures, the jabs’ possible role in all this has brought a deathly silence from governments, public health bodies and, most importantly, the mainstream media – our traditional watchdogs.

Apparently, there is no massive elephant in the room. There is nothing to see.

It is quite simple: if the establishment media conspires not talk about it – and how could it dare, even if it wanted to, in view of its culpability in countless harms against humanity – then there is not a problem as far as public perception is concerned.

And that is where we are, leaving us often feeling quite impotent individually as we witness the ‘mass formation psychosis’ described so accurately by Professor Mattias Desmet, author of ‘The Psychology of Totalitarianism’.

Except we are not helpless. And for the sake of our own spirit at least, we can never allow ourselves to truly think so.

As Professor Desmet has explained to alternative media sources in recent months, we can all do our bit to break the mass psychosis by being a presence against the narrative. It is not for us to try and win people over. It will not happen that way, he says, but we can help. Bit by bit, by our quiet and calm actions and words, we can play a subtle role in bringing enough people back towards a level of critical thinking to make a crucial difference.

Here in Scotland, we have started holding regular ‘vaccine vigils’ for the reported dead and injured: the many who simply do not exist as far as the mainstream media and medical system are concerned.

The vigils began less than a couple of months ago in Dunfermline at the end of a small freedom rally. A tireless activist, ‘Moira from Dundee’ as we all know her, had set up a display of laminated A4 pictures and stories of vaccine dead and injured.

Placed on park railings, the profiles had real impact. Here were real people, not just statistics.

A small group of us quickly recognised that Moira’s ‘Real not Rare’ campaign was the way forward.

We agreed we would back her in taking it on tour to a different town centre every Saturday.

Stirling followed Dunfermline, Falkirk followed Stirling, and then it was on to Glasgow.

As I write, the weekend there was Dundee. It is St Andrews this Saturday, followed by Glasgow (so we can also attend a freedom rally there the same day) and possibly Aberdeen. At St Andrews, we will aim to hold simultaneous vigils, for the first time, in different parts of the same town centre to maximise viewers.

We may soon split into Scottish east and west coast groups to double our impact and reduce travel costs.

We hope north and south groups will follow, but why should it stop there? With the help of alternative media, the idea could catch on throughout the UK.

Each vigil only takes a few people to set up, and we usually have   a few others nearby handing out relevant leaflets and copies of the the Light paper.

It is evolving as we learn what works best. The A4 laminated cards have been replaced by A3 size for much greater impact. All the stories and pictures feature people whom they or their families have already publicly blamed covid injections.

What else have we learned? Chiefly to set up the cards and then stand well back to allow passers-by open space to wander into.

Candles are appropriate and solemn classical music (not too loud) can create a suitable atmosphere.

We have vowed to keep going, from town to town, week after week.

Why are we doing it? What are we hoping to achieve?

Well, firstly, to counter the ‘vaccines are safe and necessary narrative’ and to counter the ruthless mainstream media and tech censorship of dissenters who suggest otherwise or of those who simply pose reasonable questions such as ‘can we investigate why so many previously healthy people are dying?’

The public at large are increasingly aware that they and others keep catching covid despite being double and triple vaxxed. Many are also hearing stories of friends, relatives or neighbours who have been seriously unwell or worse after the shots.

And if the Real not Rare campaign makes just some of them stop and think a bit about their need for further injections, or why they were never fully informed of risks, then it is worthwhile.

And if it contributes in some way to enough people one day demanding, ‘what the hell is going on?’…. well, you know the answer to that: it will be ‘hallelujah’ time as the whole sinister house of cards collapses.

The vigils are a positive action. Not least of all, you are highlighting those who have been harmed but feel abandoned by governments and the medical system. Nobody wants to be regarded as ‘unfortunate but necessary collateral damage’. And, of course, there never was a necessity.

But, be warned, some of those affected do not want anything to do with those the media has cleverly branded ‘anti-vaxxers’. Despite what has happened to them. That, sadly, is how deep the media brainwashing has run.

Finally, those of us participating in the vigils are making our own defiant statement: we will not be silenced or shut down and the truth will out – however long it takes. Justice will be done.

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