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A leading UK cardiologist calls for halt on jabs – and your Press could not care less

From News Uncut

By Mark Sharman

The Covid-19 jab roll-out may prove to be the greatest medical catastrophe in history but, as evidence of deaths and serious side effects gathers apace, the UK media is still resolutely turning a blind eye.

Rows of empty chairs stood testimony to the indifference as a senior physician presented his findings at a press conference in London today (Tuesday September 27th). Only GBNews  and a Polish crew attended.

So where were Sky News, the BBC, ITV and all the national newspapers?

Dr Aseem Malhotra, a consultant cardiologist, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, President of the Public Health Collaboration and respected writer and lecturer, called for the suspension of all Covid jabs until data has been independently analysed.

He presented a 10,000-word paper, peer-reviewed and published in the Journal of Insulin Resistance, in which he concluded that these jabs are doing more harm than good in healthy people under 70.

His findings are based on real-world data and were reached in collaboration with scientists at Oxford, Stanford and Harvard Universities.

Had they bothered to attend, mainstream media journalists could have heard how pharmaceutical companies control their own drug trials, how they spend more on marketing than research and how they contribute funds to the very authorities that are supposed to regulate them, such as the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency [MHRA] in the UK and the FDA in America.

They could have learned how scientific research around the world is paid for by drug companies, “biased research that is not reliable, of which doctors are not aware,” according to Dr Malhotra. “The greater the financial interests, the less likely that research findings will be true.”

They could have heard how unethical methodology was used to present a 95 per cent efficacy for the jabs, when the true figure for absolute risk reduction was 0.84 – meaning that these jabs are next to useless in preventing infection and transmission. Or how 14,000 more people died from heart problems in the UK in 2021 – the year of the roll-out, than in 2020. And 20,000 more than 2019, pre-Covid.

There was also a telling contribution from American pathologist Dr Ryan Cole, who presented a frankly harrowing series of post-mortem slides showing damage caused by the mRNA jab’s spike proteins, to the heart, liver, brain and blood vessels.

To be fair, the conference was live-streamed, so there may be follow-up stories tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath. A press release had been sent out 36 hours in advance, but a News Uncut colleague could find no evidence of take-up in today’s papers.

Meanwhile the Daily Mail devoted eight pages to Good Health and carried stories on NHS prescription mistakes ‘costing hundreds of lives’ a year, a jab that could help back pain and a cure for snoring, among others. But nothing on a jab that could be killing thousands.

Maybe doctors like Aseem Malhotra and Ryan Cole are wrong; maybe the rising number of excess deaths around the world are not caused by the jabs. But that’s not the point. The figures demand examination, investigation and debate. 

It is a gross dereliction of duty by mainstream journalists not to look at the evidence on both sides and ask relevant questions. 

If Malhotra, Cole and many others are right, many more people face injury and death. It will be too late for newspapers and TV newsrooms to say “I wish we’d done more.”

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