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People’s Health Alliance launches We Hear You campaign for long-Covid and vax injury sufferers

By Roger Guttridge

The brand-new People’s Health Alliance this week launched a unique initiative aimed at helping the estimated 1.2 million people suffering from long-Covid or vaccine injury.

The campaign, called We Hear You, includes a new Telegram group enabling victims to meet up virtually, receive emotional support and practical advice and guidance, and to find practitioners who may be able to help.

The PHA, which launched on April 23 to present a new and unique approach to healthcare in a primary care setting, has developed a Health Optimisation Programme which it describes as a “distinctive protocol to assist in strengthening the immune system, whilst taking the ‘whole healing’ approach to assist the mind, body and soul”.

A PHA spokesperson said: “We are seeing a huge influx of people suffering with adverse reactions to the jab or from the effects of long-Covid.

“The majority of reports we receive claim people are either struggling to get an appointment with their GP or that NHS teams have no idea how to recognise or treat these injuries.

“It appears that these very poorly people are completely pushed aside, which we feel is disgusting.

“They’re often told it’s in their minds or are made to feel like they are either going mad or not worth the hassle.

“PHA is taking a stance today. We will not neglect our fellow man, we will not ignore these immense issues and we will not turn people away.

“Now is the time for unity and support. We want to offer a safe and welcoming place where people can receive emotional support as well as potentially reap the benefits of our Health Optimisation Programme.”

The spokesperson added: “PHA intends to be loud and proud in our support and to help bring conversation to the fore.

“We won’t shy away from raising awareness with the NHS and government.

“The time for ignorance is over, the time to be vocal has arrived.”

To find out more, keep an eye on all PHA social media or check out the health group’s website: www.the-pha.org


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