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Doctor vows to take allegations of criminal conduct against the Government to the High Court


A doctor taking legal action against the Government over alleged crimes – in relation to lockdowns and Covid injection harm – has taken his battle to the police complaints authority.

Dr Sam White and his PJH Law legal team have made the move after the Metropolitan Police informed him there was no evidence of a crime taking place, despite the submission to the police of 1,100 pages of evidence which included expert witness testimony.

If unsuccessful at the Independent Office for Police Conduct, Dr White plans to take his case to the High Court so the evidence he has gathered can be heard.

In a shocking interview with Holding the Line, Dr White is calling on doctors still administering the experimental Covid injections to stop what they are doing and to speak out about the dangers involved.

Watch the full interview on HTL’s Odysee platform

Dr White said: “You will find that as soon as you speak out you are incredibly well supported. On the flip side of that, if you’re still injecting people, if you are still part of this, history will not judge you well because you only need to take a cursory look at the Yellow Card system to understand the harm and death.”

Speaking to HTL, Dr White revealed:

  • He had been hounded by medicine regulators since speaking out about the dangers of the Covid injections and was branded by colleagues as being mentally ill
  • The Covid injections are the deadliest pharmaceutical product ever marketed. In the UK alone, more than 2,000 Covid injection associated deaths have been recorded in the Government’s own Yellow Card reporting scheme – with the real figure likely to be in excess of 20,000 owing to the scheme’s acknowledged underreporting factor
  • The Office of National Statistics stopped reporting on stillbirths in early 2021 despite known fears for pregnant women in relation to the injections
  • The NHS still officially has no official treatment for Covid and doctors were barred from recommending or prescribing Vitamin D as a preventive nutrient that he claimed could massively reduce Covid mortality rates
  • Treatments like ivermectin that he said would have saved tens of thousands of lives in the UK alone were blocked to ensure the emergency authorisation of the Covid injections would be granted
  • A study into the contents of the vaccines revealed the presence of highly toxic substances including graphene oxide
  • Spike proteins generated by the injections were leading to catastrophic neurological illnesses and heart disease for young women and men, as well sudden death from strokes and heart attacks
  • The Covid injections have “negative efficacy” meaning those receiving the treatment were more likely to become ill with the disease

Addressing doctors who might be thinking about expressing concerns about government policy, Dr White said: “When the government acted unlawfully it was duty bound on the doctors to do something about it, not to be the pawns in their game to subvert the rights and liberty of every man, woman and child in this country. Come forward, stop what you are doing and speak out. You will be more than amply supported.”

Watch the full interview on HTL’s Odysee platform

Dr White was expressing his own opinions in this interview that are not necessarily shared by Holding the Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship as a collective.

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