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Journalists Against Censorship


In a wide-ranging interview with Holding the Line’s Rusere Shoniwa, James Corbett (the Corbett Report) discusses the ‘emergencies’ around public health, the economy, climate change and war and claims that behind these four themes is a wider agenda of global control.

Corbett also examines the role of the World Economic Forum and the legacy media in the roll-out of the ’new normal‘ across the majority of the world’s countries.

While many of these themes are familiar to journalists within the independent news arena, they are not widely discussed by those within the legacy media, not least because the journalists within the legacy media ‘bubble’ are not aware of them.

Perhaps it is the duty of journalists to engage in a broader debate that allows for the question  ‘who benefits?’ and to follow the money during journalistic investigation.

Watch the interview on HTL’s Odysee channel


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