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By Graham Crawford

Professor Richard Ennos speaking at a rally in Edinburgh

A retired academic from Edinburgh is pushing the Scottish government to explain more than 1,500 unattributed excess deaths in the country this summer.

Professor Richard Ennos has also expressed his concerns with MSPs and health bosses that official data points to a ‘prima facie case’ for the country’s mass Covid vaccination programme being ‘a contributing factor to the dramatic rise’.

Information he gathered from the National Records for Scotland shows that deaths increased down through age groups almost simultaneously with the injections being rolled out to ever-younger people.

Comparing the huge rise in excess deaths figures for summer 2021 compared to summer 2020, Professor Ennos tells Anita Morrison, Scotland’s head of health and social care analysis and support:

‘What differs between the two years? The glaringly obvious answer is the rollout of Covid-19 vaccination.

‘There was no Covid-19 vaccination programme in 2020, but there was roll-out of Covid vaccinations in a sequential way to increasingly younger age groups in 2021, a pattern that we see in the manifestation of excess deaths.’

He also suggests that policy also provides ‘simple and compelling explanation’ for a ‘three to six-fold increase in summer covid hospitalisations’.

In a response to Ms Morrison on October 28, he adds: ‘All of the Covid-19 vaccines are novel and experimental with no long-term safety data. They are now associated with a wide range of serious side-effects (blood clotting, myocarditis, Guillain-Barre syndrome) whose likely frequency in the wider population was not assessed in the small-scale phase one and two trials that included only a subset of healthy volunteers.

‘The Yellow Card adverse events reporting system, that capture only a fraction of events, has already recorded over 1,700 deaths in the UK population associated with the Covid-19 vaccines. There is therefore a prima facie case for Covid-19 vaccination being a contributing factor to the dramatic rise in summer excess deaths in Scotland in 2021.’

The former professor of evolutionary biology the University of Edinburgh collated detailed official data covering 21 weeks over this summer in an effort to seek an explanation for 3,000 excess deaths.

Responding to an inquiry on the matter from Edinburgh MSP Sarah Boyack on October 25th, Ms Morrison revealed that Covid accounted for 45% of deaths and states that Public Health Scotland analysis from 2020 provided ‘some possible reasons for non-covid excess deaths’.

She lists them as:

  1. Artefact: deaths directly due to Covid-19 that were not certified as such in provisional data (although this is less likely now due to mass testing).
  2. Unintended consequences (social determinants): deaths are due to unintended consequences of the non-clinical response to Covid-19.
  3. Service supply/access: deaths due to problems with health and social care service access.
  4. Service demand: deaths of individuals not presenting to health and social care services as they would at other time.
  5. Other: other causes that have not yet been identified.

In an article for the Daily Sceptic on November 4th, Professor Ennos states that he and others have written to MSPs about the ‘dreadful situation’ of more than 3,000 excess deaths in 21 weeks this summer asking ‘for a thorough analysis of what is responsible’.

He adds: ‘Five possible explanations are given, none of which reflect favourably on the Scottish government’s public health policy.

‘To paraphrase her [Ms Morrison’s] reply, 45% are due to Covid-19 and the rest are accounted for by one or more of:

  1. Covid deaths that were not recognised.
  2. Unintended consequences of the Scottish Government’s non-clinical response to Covid-19 (masks, social isolation etc.).
  3. Problems with access to the health and social care services (presumably due to the Scottish Government policy of withdrawing these).
  4. Patients not accessing services that were available (presumably because they were too scared of catching Covid-19 due to the Scottish government exaggeration of the risks).
  5. Some other causes that have not been identified.’

Professor Ennos adds that Ms Morrison’s ‘response is a damning indictment of Scottish government public health policy whose outcome should ultimately be measured by the metric of excess death’.

Footnote: By December 20th 2020 there were 6,298 deaths registered in Scotland where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate because of a positive PCR test within the prior 28 days.

A Freedom of Information request to the Scottish government in December 2020 revealed there had been fewer than 500 deaths directly attributed to covid since March 2020.

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