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Interview: Dr Peter McCullough speaks about the suppression of co-authored paper on vaccine-related myocarditis cases

Investigative journalist Sonia Elijah interviews Dr Peter McCullough MD MPH, expert cardiologist and epidemiologist and one of the most cited physicians in the world, on the abrupt removal by two publishers of his and Dr Jessica Rose’s peer-reviewed paper revealing the alarming spike in myocarditis cases in young males connected with Covid jabs. In an unprecedented move, their published report was removed from Elsevier and Current Problems in Cardiology without notice given to the authors. This happened just before the US FDA approved the Pfizer jab in 5–11-year-olds.

The main findings of the Myocarditis report

  • Hundreds of thousands of individuals have reported adverse events (AEs), using the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System in the US (VAERS).
  • Vaccine-induced myocarditis qualifies as a serious adverse event (SAE) and is often associated with hospitalization in ~90% of cases.
  • Myocarditis rates are significantly higher in male youths between the ages of 13-23.
  • Myocarditis cases in the vaccination volunteers were 19 times greater than the expected background number of myocarditis cases for this age group.
  • A fivefold increase in the myocarditis rate was observed after the second dose when compared to the first dose in 15-year-old males.
  • A total of 67% of all myocarditis cases occurred with the Pfizer BNT162b2 vaccine.
  • Cardiac injuries associated with Covid-19 are different from the clinical picture of vaccine-induced ‘myocarditis’, which has been loosely defined as a mild troponin elevation common to ICU patients of all types.

The report also highlighted: ‘It is vital to recall that children have a negligible risk for COVID-19 respiratory illness, and yet they are a high-risk group for myocarditis with vaccination.’

This interview forms the basis of PART 1 of Sonia’s investigative series published in TrialSite News: Are the scientific journals censoring the Science?

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