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Message to the Left: Take off your muzzles, get up off your knees and join the fight!

By Peter Loo

Demonstrations, marches and rallies opposing mandatory vaccinations, vaccination passports and continued lockdown restrictions are currently taking place all over the world. The Freedom March in London at the end of June drew hundreds of thousands of protestors. In every British town and city people are organising and campaigning.

These are the biggest global demonstrations since the Iraq War protests earlier in the century. They are bringing in hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, many of whom have not been involved in political or social movements before. The protests are huge, diverse and representative of the general population. They are not ‘far-right’, ‘white supremacist’ or any other canard thrown out by lazy commentators.

But they are certainly not ‘Left’ affairs, not organised labour movement affairs at any rate. That should not be a surprise given that the labour movement has abjectly failed to provide any resistance to the repressive and destructive lockdown programme and the rolling out of medtech fascist policies such as vaccination passports and the mandatory vaccination of care home workers.

The labour movement has even failed to muster more than a murmur of protest against proposals to inject children with the experimental vaccine technologies. It has had nothing to say about the deliberate creation by the government and the media of a hostile environment for people who choose not to have the injections. Sean O’Grady in the Independent wrote: ‘This is what we do about anti-vaxxers: No job. No entry. No NHS access.’ Had he inveighed in this way against any other minority group, a torrent of indignation would have been unleashed upon him (and rightly so). But ‘progressives’ stayed silent.

The Left has cleaved to the ‘uniquely deadly pandemic’ narrative throughout the crisis, a discredited narrative that is also promoted by people like Bill Gates, Tony Blair, Klaus Schwab and Piers Morgan, to name just a few of the intellectual allies the typical socialist can call upon to help defend their cause when debating with anti-lockdown activists.

Socialists have faithfully muzzled-up, fretted over variants, sneered at sceptics, stayed in when told to and generally showed obedience to an oligarch-driven programme of repression that represents the biggest attack on the working class in modern times.

The Left was cleverly out-manoeuvred by Boris Johnson at the beginning of the crisis. By feinting in favour of ‘herd immunity’, he secured the support of ‘progressive’ opinion for a lockdown policy that was the plan all along. ‘We are not cattle,’ cried the Left intelligentsia, as they dutifully stayed in their quarters and waited for their injections.

As the lockdown crisis unfolded, the Left was silent on all the big issues a true Left would have confronted (deliberate creation of mass unemployment, extension of police powers, suspension of elections, imposition of anti-human behavioural proscriptions, thousands of ‘collateral’ deaths, intensified surveillance – I could go on), rousing itself finally to take to the streets over the death of George Floyd – but not until the theoreticians had performed intellectual handstands to explain why it was now all right to go outside.

Sixteen months later (it was only supposed to take three weeks to ‘flatten the curve’) and the Left’s performance hasn’t improved. Most socialists still seem to believe that this is all about public health and not the wholesale reordering of the fabric of social and economic reality on the oligarchs’ terms.

Outside of the labour movement, however, millions of people have grasped the true nature of the crisis. Many of them are getting involved in a resistance movement that has the capacity to become a genuinely popular mass rebellion. (French resistance to the outright fascism of the Macron government shows how our own movement could develop, and quickly.)

This isn’t simply a matter of numbers, although it is telling that the anti-lockdown protests dwarf even the largest Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion or Kill the Bill protests.

Neither is it because the resistance movement is predominantly working-class and not led by bourgeois ideologues rooted in the education and public sectors.

No, what makes this movement significant is that the protestors are concerned with the fundamental question of what it means to live as a free human being. They are resisting the most monstrous abuse of system power we will ever see. It is as basic as that.

It is a long time since the Left has had to concern itself with such matters. The red cap of liberty has been replaced by the blue face mask of compliance.

Shame on the Left! It has allowed itself to be distracted by a thousand fragmentary issues and concerns when all along the Power was building its strength for its last great assault on human freedom.

This is the Big One. This is why God made activists. And we are running out of time. Lockdown, a model of social organisation from which we may never escape, will almost certainly return in the Autumn. The old world of socialised human relations is being deliberately dismantled. Social credit schemes and digital currencies are ready to go. The biosecurity state is being built around us. Only mass resistance will stop the medtech fascist juggernaut in its tracks.

Take off your muzzles, get up off your knees and join the fight. Or go down in history as the movement that scabbed on humanity.

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